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Hunter Media Solutions Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is a national Advertising Agency supporting a broad range of businesses with above and below the line solutions. We provide traditional media services such as media planning, media buying as well as lead generation, performance based media, strategic sales and marketing across TV, print, digital and more.

With a diverse range of clients we're constantly creating advertising programs to achieve client outcomes as our daily business.

What we're good at is helping you develop and improve your media strategy with a key focus on the following media;

TV (Australia & New Zealand) from traditional media buying and planning to in some cases performance TV

Radio (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, US)

Digital (Australia, New Zealand and up to 17 other countries with targeted CPM, PPC, CPL, CPA, social platforms)

Lead Generation (using a blend of TV, Digital and Telemarketing)

SEO that's proven to deliver, all done with local experts.

Magazines (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, US, Asia, India)

Press (Australia, NZ, India, Asia)

We have a great opportunity for Australian businesses and International travel locations to apply for a spot within our lifestyle TV show with strong online marketing support. Visit

$399 production contribution to appear in one of the Lifestyle webTV shows that stays up for 12-months, guaranteed 50,000 views and all filmed on location.

The Big Review platform which is separate allows businesses to have a video profile, consumers can post reviews via video and we licence content to use on their own site or anywhere links to video can be added like Google, True Local, Yellow Pages, Business Directories and much more. Business Owners can see who's posting reviews as we run face recognition only and you need to be a member which gives businesses a right of reply. Businesses can run offers and it's better static image with boring text reviews.

Cost range from $25 - $75 week epneindg on what suits your needs. If you're a retail or consumer services business like health and beauty using radio then this could be a great added level of support without the huge outlay that comes with TV and production. It's over $25,000 in value, check out


With high degree of personal service, reliability and reputation for delivering successful media strategies our clients use our advertising agency in Sydney to help with branding, brand+action, advertising ideas, sponsorship opportunities, creative and public relations that address the businesses sales and marketing goals. We identify media and marketing that best suits an ever changing marketing strategy and make appropriate recommendations through to delivery.

With an ever changing media landscape it's important business owners, marketing directors, key decision makers have a reliable resource to work with them to achieve their marketing goals. Having Hunter Media Solutions as your advertising agency creates gives you additional resources, outsiders perspective on your business, a marketers perspective and someone who can not only improve the value of your advertising dollar but free up time. Freeing up time so you can focus on core aspects of your business will help you grow your business. You won't be passed onto "junior account managers" at your expense. Within our network we have the resources experience and expertise you can rely on to help you.

You don't wake up everyday thinking I need an ad agency, but decision makers and marketers are thinking about their business, sales, revenue, growth, customers, market shifts and strategies to help deliver. We're someone you can rely on. We can help improve the value of your current advertising and attract new customers for your business.

Our reputation is built on delivering effective solutions and a high degree of personal service working as an integral part of your business.

Our experience covers many industries from mining, retail, FMCG, finance, online, start ups - blue chip companies based in Australia and internationally.

Make a decision to engage Hunter Media Solutions and have two bites of the cherry, all the support and expertise without costing you more.

CLICK HERE to download a media brief that may help you or contact_us  today (02) 9453 2293 to talk about how our service can add value to your business.



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