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Hunter Media Solutions Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is a national Media Buying Agency supporting a broad range of businesses with media buying services all over Australia & New Zealand. We provide a broad range of advertising services to Australian and International businesses. 

What is it?

Web definitions of what it means include:

Media Buying is a sub function of Advertising management. Media Buying is the procurement of the best possible placement and price of a piece of media real-estate within any given media.

(media buy) The TV or radio time, or print space, purchased to communicate an offer to potential customers.

(Media Buy) The advertising that is purchased for TV or radio. 

Media buyers negotiate rates and create media schedules based on a media plan constructed by a media planner. Though the plan is often constructed on published Tarps, cost-per-thousand guides, cost per click or program and demographic specific targeting to name a few. 


As part of creating the media strategy media buying occurs once the media strategy has been approved and we buy any and all types of media around Australia and New Zealand. 

With an ever changing media landscape it's important business owners, marketing directors have a reliable resource to work with them to achieve overall marketing goals which allows them to focus on core aspects of their business.

Our advertising agency has a broad range of experience in media buying and media planning as we service Australian and New Zealand clients advertising needs with such as :

LEAD GENERATION in multiple countries using in part media such as TV, Digital and Telemarketing

REGIONAL RADIO in Australia and New Zealand

METRO RADIO in Australia & New Zealand along with Ethnic and Community radio in Australia and Traffic Reports in Austrlia, Canada and UK.

PUBLIC RELATIONS in Australia & New Zealand  

FREE TO AIR, DIGITAL and SUBSCRIPTION Television in Australia & New Zealand

METRO & COMMUNITY PRESS in Australia & New Zealand

ONLINE ADVERTISING covering pay per click, pay per lead, email marketing, display advertising and advertising on Smartphone or iphones apps in Australia, Spain, Greece, Norway, UK, US, NZ, Portugal, Italy and more.. Also VIDEO PRODUCTION and promotion to drive traffic and views.

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING including Taxi Backs, Billboards, Scooters, Bikes, Fire Trucks, Pizza Boxes, Trucks, Sports ground signage 

SOCIAL MEDIA to drive traffic to your business or to build up your Likes and Fans

MAGAZINES from Kids, Men, Women, Travel, Fashion, Sport, Automotive and any Trade Press, Verticals and Niche market

LCD SCREEN ADVERTISING at shopping centres, cafe's, sporting grounds, out & about in many locations

DIRECT MARKETING to grow your database of customers and or members with targeted mass marketing and pay per customer  

SPORTS SPONSORSHIP to build your brand and leverage the fans and media exposure it offers

ETHNIC MEDIA to help your business appeal to a broader audience


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