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Hunter Media Solutions Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is a national Media Planning Advertising Agency supporting a broad range of businesses with media planning and media buying needs all over Australia & New Zealand. We provide a broad range of advertising services to Australian and International businesses. 

Web definitions of media planning.

Media planning is generally the task of a Media Agency and entails finding the most appropriate media products for a clients brand or product.

It outlines how advertising time and space in various media will be booked in advance to achieve the marketing objectives of the company.

The process by which media is selected for advertising placement on behalf of the client. The main goal of the planning stage is to assist the client in achieving objectives by recommending the best possible use of the various media available to the advertiser.

Media Planning occurs early in the process generally as soon as we identify the target demographic and budget limitations. We start work on the shopping list which we cull to create the media plan outlining specific media activity and timing of each so tat they compliment each other to drive the marketing objective and achieve desired outcomes.

Hunter Media Solutions is a Sydney based advertising agency, supporting a broad range of businesses located all over Australia. We provide the service of media and marketing strategic planning, media planning, media buying, creative, sponsorship marketing and other additional service to clients and public relations, creative and design agencies. 

When planning a media strategy:

  • Manage expectations so that clients are not left feeling surprises and this includes results and also funding requirements to achieve desired outcomes
  • Be specific with the media strategy that should also be measurable, planned to drive the specific outcomes
  • Shouldn't be decided based on buying the biggest media in the marketplace... bigger is not always better!
  • Breakdown the media strategy into stages of development so that the media used supports the strategy at each stage of development.

For help to create your media plan  CLICK HERE to download a questionnaire/media brief that may help you or contact_us

We plan our clients media strategy by using all available mediums in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world that fit our marketing strategy.

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