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Hunter Media Solutions Sydney is a National Performance Advertising Agency supporting a broad range of businesses with Performance Advertising Agency solutions. These solutions include CPC, CPL, CPA driving clicks, lead generation and customer acquisition for Australian and International businesses using digital, telesales and TV.

Performance advertising is generally a service where by media strategists and clients alike can maximise an allocated portion of their media budget to paying for a "result" or each acquisition or transaction. The performance advertising "result" can be defined as:

  • A click through to a website landing page OR agreement to receive a call back
  • A consumer or business leaving some personal information on a website
  • A measurable phone call or SMS is completed
  • Social media acquisition for your Facebook, You Tube, Twitter channels
  • The most desirable, yet more costly one where someone making a transaction online or over the phone to pay for leave a deposit for goods and/or service

 We have a great opportunity for Australian businesses and International business to be reviewed on Big Review page

If you're a retail or consumer services business using radio or online advertising to support your business then this could be a great added level of support without the huge outlay that comes with TV and production.

These five results are generally the most outcomes in performance advertising. The mediums used to generate such activity is primarily digital and TV and telemarketing with the occasional radio.

Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead can be very beneficial when growing a customer based with a more managing ROI. 

With Hunter Media Solutions, you benefit from our strong relationships, industry knowledge, understanding the strengths and weakness of lead generation tools, volume of campaigns and more importantly our unbiased planning. While CPL is perceived to be lower risk and more cost effective, we don't dismiss CPM and PPC activity which can prove to deliver a more effective ROI long term.

When determining if CPL is a option for a new client we look at the following to help determine it's viability.

National - We look at whether the product or service is available in 5 capital cities, just Metro, or East Coast, Regional and into any other Countries. 

Regional - We take into consideration the opportunity to reach the regional markets with the clients product or service.

Cost of Good/Service - Is there enough margin built into the product to justify this type of marketing. Often clients will commit over 50%+ of profits be allocated back into lead generation and increase their profit margin on the repeat or returning customer activity over a period of time.  

Appeal - Is the product a mass market B2B, B2C?  

Timing - Often clients assume that because they "want" customers during specific weeks or months that they will get them. Securing CPL during peak retail periods or key buying times is quite difficult. We often advise clients to have layers within their advertising strategy and not really purely on CPL.  

Competition - How competitive is the category you want to run performance media in? What's the size of your competition and how aggressive are they.

Tracking and Independent Reporting - If we can't track the source you can't run performance. We can help you work through how we can implement tracking and independent reporting which can be driving traffic to a 3rd party website, unique URL, contracted call centre, dedicated phone numbers, tracking pixels are just some of the method we can explore.


Additional Performance Services

PPC - Pay per click advertising

PPC or CPC Covers display, text, video, html advertising across multiple devises and a range of tier1 and tier2 data and digital networks not just in Australia in any other country a clients wants to target.

CPL - Telesales

This is using telemarketing as a lead generation tool and only pay for the leads, appointments, call backs you receive.

Mobile performance advertising

This covers display advertising on mobile networks to drive "clicks" to your website or App Store via mobiles

iphone and smartphone App advertising

This covers display advertising on hundreds of thousands of Apps on a pay per click performance campaign and is designed to drive traffic to your App.

We can also look at pay per data capture and pay per download for your app if you need to drive downloads as we'll as building the app.

Social Media  - Facebook LIKES, Google +1, You Tube and Twitter followers

We can grow your social media presence by increasing the Facebook fans, Twitter followers, You Tube likes and Google +1

We are constantly being asked about video and using video to drive traffic and engagement.

Pay per open advertising

PPO covers display and html advertising to newsletter databases and you only pay for those who open the information. We can access up to 4million members every month.

With Hunter Media Solutions you access a national full service advertising agency, committed to supporting our clients long term. Leverage our experience to help your business so Contact Us to discuss your new or existing advertising requirements.

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