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Our radio advertising agency provides a total radio advertising solution across Metro & Regional radio in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada to a broad range of businesses.

For some clients we just buy last minute or distress radio advertising across 280 Australian and over 300 New Zealand radio stations but these clients still have a minimum Metro budget of $8,000 per month and $4,000 per month to cover Regional Radio markets.  We we also look to review your SEO when planning radio to help drive more enquiries.

Our radio advertising agency has campaigns running on all Metro stations and many regional radio stations across Australia using recorded commercials, live reads, radio promotions, online campaigns. While each radio network has a core demographic we operate without bias to any media company or media vertical. 

We're a founding partner to Big Review TV, check it out as it can support any radio or media campaign you run.

2min video filmed on location with Presenter Interview, edited with Licensed Music and access to App for customers to leave video reviews is $3,000exGST





Our creative team has over 40 years experience in radio working in London and Australia. Hunter Media Solutions will make your ads and radio jingles as part of our total media solution service.  

Here are some examples :

Silver Service Taxis

Residential Projects Australia

Yellow Adelaide

Morrisons Mercedes Benz

GYC radio ad   

MARTIN COLLEGE radio ad                 

A Matilda Turf radio ad

Masport radio ad

Fast Flowers radio ad

Edenvale Wine radio ad

mTAXI Girls Night

Alsafe FREE Safety Check

MTAXI radio ad     

mTAXI Nova radio ad      

Melway radio ad      

for giggles!  Taxis Combined radio ad     

Pacific Boating Group 2GB

Touch Footy radio ad


mTAXI Adelaide Teens

Sofa Studio radio ad

IPAC radio ad

Invest Smart radio ad

Alsafe Security jingle

Morrisons Mercedes Benz radio ad

Pattens radio ad radio ad

Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge 11

In New Zealand we use the following radio stations with recorded commercials, live reads and promotional activity.


Once appointed, Hunter Media Solutions can create a radio campaign as part of your strategy and deliver great value for your radio advertising spend.

Hunter Media knows radio advertising marketing and wants to share the knowledge to help you and your brand develop a successful marketing strategy by:

+ Effectively combining Brand Action & Call to Action Campaigns
+ Defining and reaching your target market
+ Learning some great advertising tips

CLICK HERE to download a media brief that may help you or contact_usagenci

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