Small Business Advertising. What can $25 a week do to help SME's?

Small Business Advertising opportunities are out there but it's tough for Small Business as they don't have the big budgets. Here are some ideas of what at $25 a week could buy.

This information in no ways seeks to minimise opportunities available to small business nor is a total outline of every opportunity in the market place. This in no way seeks to disadvantage any media company and information is from our own research or rates and information obtains through previous client activity.

Small business marketing doesn’t give you much for $25 a week.

Here are 15 ideas we’ve found to help Small Business Marketing.

  1. Letterbox drops - Around 350* 
  2. eDM Marketing - Around 50-80 email sends* 
  3. eDM Marketing - Around 8 email clicks to your website* 
  4. Yellow Pages - Digital Only with a Business Profile listing* 
  5. Display Banners - Around 1,400 banner ad impressions*
  6. Facebook - Around 15-30 clicks depending on how you set your ad targeting* 
  7. App Marketing - Around 20-35 App downloads* 
  8. SEO Marketing - Around 1-2 hours of SEO and more if you get caught up using SEO companies that simply outsource to a foreign country. We have partnerships with very good Australia SEO* 
  9. Google - Business View for your Google Places profile* 
  10. Google - Ad Words and depending on the business Industry, Geog targeting 8 - 65 clicks* 
  11. Local Newspapers - 2-3 line Classifieds advertisement 1 day*
  12. Community Radio - 1-2 ads*
  13. Ethnic Radio - 1-2 ads depending on placement*
  14. Promo Staff - one hour with a promo staff person distributing flyer's.. but you need to design and print them*

*This excludes any print, design costs and there are generally minimum spends or volumes before a company will run the campaign.

Idea Number 15 is BIG REVIEW TV $25 per week

Gold Membership is $25 a week plus one off $399exGST Booking Fee.

A Silver membership is Booking Fee and $7.50 per week.

$25 per examples include:



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