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Hunter Media advertising agency Sydney provides a total solution across TV using Pay TV and Free to air TV in Metro & Regional areas, radio, print and digital media across a broad range of businesses. TV advertising is still considered the "king" of media and that's reflected in audience market share. Clients who are not familiar with TV will often ask, how much and how long is a piece of string! click our TV page to find specials. There has been a shift since the introduction of additional digital stations. We've had the option of Foxtel advertising with the one rate per national spot but it couldn't segment per market.

We have a great opportunity for businesses to apply for a spot within our lifestyle TV show with strong online marketing support. Visit


in addition there are some low cost TV options if you're looking to get onto TV from $10,000+GST per month On our TV PAGE.


Australian's now have access to more free to air TV content than ever before with the new stations Plus online TV opportunities are growing at a paid pace.

Advertisers can run TV advertising campaigns based on a specific demographic whether it be Gender, Age, Consumption as well as time of day or specific days of the week. TV allows you to chase "eyeballs" or build in some longevity by chasing TARPS. We find most retail campaigns will run from Wednesday - Sunday and variations within that time frame tend to be based on budget. Often we'll see a Sale this Saturday with ads from Thursday evening through to Saturday lunch time. 

TV has a further advantage over other media as it allows you to create emotion for the eyes and ears that can generate or create a powerful reaction and response from viewers. Radio allows you to be emotive but TV offers both. We are seeing growth in the digital space with advertisers running TV ads as MREC size ads. If you can then create a commercial that harnesses the power of these emotions you on your way to a successful TV Advertising campaign.

 The common misconception is that TV Advertising is only for the big brands and companies with enormous budgets. With the introduction of digital channel we see TV Advertising as both more affordable, more flexible and advertisers can leverage the power of TV advertising with rates that are competitive with some Metro Radio stations. There are many businesses with $10k - $20k a month that could be used to create campaigns for TV Advertising. We also see many clients including TV Advertising and still maintain their radio, digital and other media presence without significant increases to budget.

Advertising agencies like ours offer a complete solution, we are not single media focused as some are which ensure our recommendations are without bias to any media. We can work with you to maximise the value TV can add to your business with the channels below across Australia & New Zealand. 

We take a broader view, building long term results, taking accountability for performance by constantly working to get the right blend and mix for maximum response. If you have an existing TVC ready we can maximise your TV advertising budget with TV Advertising in Australia and New Zealand.


Digital Advertising - Using your TVC

PreRoll CPM is essentially taking your ad, 15sec version work better and running a targeted digital campaign online across 200+ websites. We can add a wide range of filters to minimize wastage. Average rates are $50 CPM and lower depending on how many filters we use.

TV services we provide :

  • TV scripting
  • TV ad production or we work with a number Creative Production houses
  • TV promotions
  • Buying and planning your Australian and New Zealand television campaigns

We also recommend a review on the support options around your tv campaign including SEO, radio and or other digital marketing.

You won't pay higher rates by using us especially if you have been buying Direct, so Contact Us   to discuss your new or existing TV advertising requirements.





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